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Rebel without a cause.

My roommate and I had quite the evening. Apparently having pizza, ice cream, and Starbucks gets us a little slap happy. We decided to break some rules on the subway “aka modeling on the benches” and we tried to make friends with cute little puppies that live in our building. They were definitely interested in us but too scared to actually approach us. One even ran into a pole because it was running away from us but wanted to keep looking at us, which was actually adorable in so many ways. Also, when my roommate and I were catching a cab home today, we started to tell the cab driver where we lived but he cut us off saying “知道知道” which means “I know I know”. He actually remembered who we were and where we live. We are definitely regular cab users in the area so it’s not creepy at all, it was just funny. He even offered to treat us to food next time. People are so randomly nice here!

There are so many things that I want instantly that I cannot get instantly: longer hair, to be skinnier, to be tanner….but then again, I also want pizza. And that I can get instantly.

I like sweater weather, not sweat weather.

Quick 3 mile run today || every day better, every day stronger

Literally just had a child throw up everywhere, another child ran through the pile crying which made her slip and fall into the pile of puke which only made her cry more, and then a kid got up, pointed and laughed at her. It’s been a very eventful Monday morning.

So living in China has not made it easy to stay in shape. I gain 15 lbs this summer but worst of all, all of my muscle turned to fat which makes a huge difference in what my body looks like. I’ve been working out and dieting seriously now for 2 weeks so I decided to start posting pictures of myself to stay motivated and as a way to track the changes of my body instead of the change in number on the scale. So here’s me at 141 lbs, I have a long way to go. Any fitness advice you have for me, I would of course appreciate it! I’m always looking for new moves to strengthen my core and good treadmill hit routines.
Post work out snack!
Post work out!

Going to the Gym…in China.

So I love going to the gym. I plug in. Do my thing. No one in America really stops to talk to you unless they really need something. Even then, they usually just use hand motions. BUT THIS IS NOT AMERICA, THIS IS CHINA. I am the only foreigner that goes to this gym. I am also the only girl that actually works out at this gym and I go every day so people have taken notice. People stare at you, they talk about you, and even point at you. I was doing a 40 minute running and jogging hit sequence on the treadmill (pretty much listening to Sweatpants by Childish Gambino the entire time because I’m obsessed and it gets me pumped up) when a semi circle of guys formed around my treadmill. They were all ooohing and ahhhing at my running. They were being nice but it was still super uncomfortable. One of the personal trainers at the gym even walked over to take some notes, it was a little weird. After my run, I went over to do some light weight lifting. Now most gyms that I’ve gone to in America have all the weight organized on the shelf. It is just commonly accepted that when you are done using the weights, you just put them back where they belong. NOT HERE. The weights are literally just scattered everywhere! It’s basically finding a needle in a hay stack trying to find the little weights that I use. I found a pair of weights but they were a little too light for me but I was sick of looking for the ones I wanted so I just started using them. After a few minutes, this huge body builder starts walking towards me with these tiny little weights. I was insulted. Like bitch, I can handle the ones I’m using just fine. As he handed them to me, I realized they were actually larger than the ones I was using. He was just so big which made the weights look so small! It was so sweet of him, he handed them to me and said “加油!“ with an embarrassed smile which means like “keep going!” or “keep it up!” After weight lifting, I went in for a yoga class. I’ve taken a lot of yoga classes at this gym so all of the instructors know me pretty well. I’m probably the most advanced student in the class so the teacher always has me demonstrate which was incredibly awkward the first time. He literally just sat up front yelling at me. It took me a minute to realize he was talking to me and that he wanted me to demonstrate but once I caught on to what he was saying, it was fine. I also love taking cycling classes here, the instructors are great and the music is always a hilarious mix of Chinese techno. Everyone sings along to the songs, it’s a blast! I also end up taking a lot of selfies with random people at the gym. The cycling instructor actually ran after me at the end of one of her classes to take a picture with me, it was really cute but we were both a sweaty mess. 





Girls, girls, girls. I know we all have our own stories and we’re all here for different reasons. But I see A LOT of girls desperately trying to see lower numbers on their scales. It looks to me like the main reason they’re doing it (working out/eating healthy) is to see a low number on scales. The only thing thing keeping them going is the hope that one morning they’ll stand on the scale and their “ultimate goal weight” will be staring them in the face.
I believe, and yes this is my personal opinion, that what should be staring you in the face, is yourself in the mirror. Why not forget about the numbers for a while? Check your progress in the mirror, how your clothes fit, compare old photos with new photos, happiness, how well you sleep at night, how much energy you have, how strong you are mentally and physically, there are probably a million other reasons but these are the ones just came to mind now.
Different weights look different on every single body. Just because your favourite celeb has a bangin’ bod at a weight, doesn’t mean it’s going to look fantastic on you too.
I hope my progress will inspire some of you and make you realise that you don’t need to see incredibly low numbers. I rarely weigh myself. I only weigh myself when I see a big difference in my body in muscle definition. It turns out the better I look, the more weight I’ve gained.
Don’t let numbers define you. Please. I am genuinely concerned for some people that I see on here. 

ugh these photos make me feel good <3

This is so freaking amazing

This this this this….fuck scales!

I definitely needed to see this! I’ve been freaking out because my weight is increasing but when I think about it, I do actually look better and much more toned so I think I’ll hide my scale for awhile and keep up the work outs!

Fitness Advice Needed!

So, I’ve been working out about 2-3 hours a day ( a mix of cardio, weights, yoga, cycling, dance, ect…) and I have been eating less than 1,200 calories a day but I have actually gained weight since I started all of this which I didn’t even think was possible because I am at the heaviest I have ever been. I’ve only been doing this routine for about 2 weeks so I’m not expecting to have lost a ton of weight, but I didn’t think I would gain weight! I’ve been drinking tons of water and have been drinking a whey protein shake every day so that I don’t load up on carbs. Is there a reason I have actually gained three pounds in the last 2 weeks?