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My best friend.
My best friend.
A weekend in Hong Kong just isn’t long enough.

I LOVE MINDY. I love her. I just, I love her. Please be my best friend. 

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So I met this really nice woman from Pakistan on the airport terminal shuttle bus. Pakistan is in my top 5 countries I’m dying to go to so I was super excited to talk to her. It was just her and her daughter traveling back home and they spoke no Chinese and didn’t know what terminal they needed to go to and they had more luggage than what 5 people could carry so I spent the past hour translating for them, looking up flight information, and helping them get to their correct terminal. She hugged me like a million times and we exchanged phone numbers. Now I have a place to stay in Pakistan!

I just remember what it was like for my mom to travel with me and my little sister all around Europe as a single mom and never speaking the language. I just remember all the nice people helping us and I’m just glad I could help this mom.

bff: are you getting the new iPhone 6?

me: hell no, the odds of me being a shit show and losing my phone are exponentially higher in Asia.

bff: that’s my new favorite quote.

My true best friend.
So I went to grab a coffee at the same Starbucks I went to yesterday at the Tianjin Train Station and the girl remembered me. This is the message she left on my cup for me, I’m actually tearing up a little bit because it is so sweet and it makes me miss my Madison Starbucks family.
Rebel without a cause.

My roommate and I had quite the evening. Apparently having pizza, ice cream, and Starbucks gets us a little slap happy. We decided to break some rules on the subway “aka modeling on the benches” and we tried to make friends with cute little puppies that live in our building. They were definitely interested in us but too scared to actually approach us. One even ran into a pole because it was running away from us but wanted to keep looking at us, which was actually adorable in so many ways. Also, when my roommate and I were catching a cab home today, we started to tell the cab driver where we lived but he cut us off saying “知道知道” which means “I know I know”. He actually remembered who we were and where we live. We are definitely regular cab users in the area so it’s not creepy at all, it was just funny. He even offered to treat us to food next time. People are so randomly nice here!

There are so many things that I want instantly that I cannot get instantly: longer hair, to be skinnier, to be tanner….but then again, I also want pizza. And that I can get instantly.

I like sweater weather, not sweat weather.